I'm Nautilus and this is my blog. I'm currently a college student who dreams to break into buildings for a living. I currently work at an {undisclosed} Cybersecurity firm as an analyst.

Although I consider myself mostly red team, I will take any chance I can get to learn more about defense. I'm always seeking opportunities to improve my offense or defense.

This blog will mostly document HackTheBox write-ups once retired. I root most of these boxes by myself but will always reference others when I use their content for a nudge in the right direction cough cough October cough cough.

As well as posting HackTheBox write-ups, I'll also be posting whatever else I work on or write.

Feel free to send me anything via my Twitter - I'm always happy to talk about InfoSec or give you a small hint on a box (if i've completed it).

What am I currently working on?

Currently I'm trying to complete all retired HackTheBox machines. I work on active machines a fair amount but I'm trying to get into a good state-of-mind for tackling the harder machines. I learn best by writing my steps to achieve user.txt and root.txt which is why I post write-ups of the machines when completed (even if they retired forever ago).